Here Are The Fenty Beauty Looks We're Loving So Far

October 2, 2017

By Black Bride / Associate Editor / Cortney Moore

It's no secret that Rihanna rocked the makeup world with her inclusive line Fenty Beauty, a brand that entered the game with 40 shades of Pro Filt'r foundation. And with rumors swirling that Rihanna will be expanding her range with an additional 40 shades and a skincare line, we couldn't be happier for the Barbadian icon.

Before that happens, however, here are our favorite Fenty Beauty looks on Instagram so far.

In The 400s

490 Deep Cool - Sudani Doll

480 Deep Neutral - Styled By J Marie

470 Deep Neutral - Ashleigh Rianne

460 Deep Cool - Royal Beautee

450 Deep Warm - Whitney Madueke 

440 Deep Cool - Makeup D0ll 

430 Deep Neutral - The Super Muse

420 Deep Neutral - Unappreciated Beauty

410 Deep Cool - Victorious Logan

400 Deep Warm - Grace On Your Dash 

In The 300s

390 Tan Warm - Brandi Lofton 

380 Tan Cool - Kiya Karimu 

370 Tan Warm - Maya's World 

360 Tan Neutral Olive - Bri Hall Official

350 Tan Neutral - Sonjdra Deluxe 

340 Tan Cool - I Love Alana J 

330 Tan Warm - KennieJD

320 Tan Warm Peach - Glam Dit 

310 Tan Warm - Chloe Cori 

300 Tan Neutral - Beautifya

In The 200s

290 Medium Neutral Olive - Raven Elyse 

280 Medium Warm Peach - Loving Life With Judi

270 Medium Warm - XO Francesca Fox

260 Medium Neutral - Jewels Elizabeth

250 Medium Warm Peach - Ariel Stinn

240 Medium Warm - Zaahirah Munif 

230 Medium Neutral - Leather Lovely Ph 7

220 Medium Warm Peach - Ivy P MUA 

210 Medium Neutral - Makeup By Treenz 

200 Medium Cool - Monique Lynn 

In The 100s

190 Light Neutral - Easy Neon

180 Light Warm - Vee Vogue 

170 Light Cool - Kat Sketch 

160 Light Warm Peach - Kiki o7 

150 Light Neutral - A1 De La Torre 

140 Light Warm - Faith Paulson

130 Light Warm - Working With Monolids

120 Light Neutral - My Pale Skin Blog

110 Light Cool - Acondria

100 Light Neutral - The Smiling Cheshire

Have you tried Fenty Beauty yet? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Fenty Beauty|XO Francesca Fox|Victorious Logan|Beautifya|Acondria/|Faith Paulsen|Ashleigh Rianne|Jewels Elizabeth|Zaahirah Munif||Kat Sketch|Styled By J Marie|Unappreciated Beauty|Ariel Stinn|Ivy P MUA|Vee Vogue|Sudani Doll|The Super Muse|Maya's World|Leather Lovely Ph 7|Easy Neon|Bri Hall Official|Makeup D0ll|Kiya Karimu|Kennie JD|Makeup By Treenz|Sonjdra Deluxe|Royal Beautee|Raven Elyse|Glam Dit|Monique Lynn|A1 De La Torre|Loving Life With Judi|Brandi Lou 88|Chloe Cori|The Smiling Cheshire|Kiki o7|Whitney Madueke|Grace On Your Dash|I Love Alana J|Working With Monolids
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Gabriela Goldberg - October 20, 2017
OMG thank you for the inclusion in your article <3!!