Thank you for visiting Black Bride and being a part of our community, we look forward to receiving your submission! 

What type of content can I submit?

We accept engagements, weddings, honeymoon, vow renewal stories and pictures. We would also love to see your styled photo shoots, fabulous tablescapes, and anything else related to weddings. Our viewers are looking to be inspired by your beautiful, unique photography and videography. 

Please submit between 50-75 images (30-50 for engagements or other sessions) with a mix of horizontal and vertical. Please ensure that all watermarks are removed from the images (our team will ensure proper credit is given in your photographs).

How Do I Submit?

Photographers & Wedding Professionals Submission Process

If you are a photographer or wedding professional, please submit directly to us using our system through LOV Media at  This system allows us to ensure all required information is included in your submission, and helps us better communicate and manage your submission. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at

If you are not a wedding professional please email us directly with your submission as well.

Bride/Groom Submission Process

Here's are the steps to make sure we accurately capture your special moment:

  • Step 1. Upload your top 25 to 50 pictures to the file sharing service 

  • Step 2. Fill out the submission form, and include the LINK to your pictures. Do not share the Dropbox folder. 

  • Step 3. Our content team will choose submissions to feature.

  • Step 4. If accepted, we will ask for your photographer’s consent to publish your images. Your images will include your photographer’s photo credit and a link to their site.  

  • Step 5.  Once we receive confirmation from your photographer, we will schedule a post for your wedding/engagement/proposal/vow renewal. 

  • Step 6. We will email you the date that your special day will be published to

Congratulations and we look forward to showcasing your special day. 

Are you an exclusive wedding blog? 

Yes, three months exclusivity is required for all website submissions.

If you have any questions, or other amazing things you'd like to share, please email us at