Mary Chatman | CEO/Editor-in-Chief

Who she is: After working in several roles during my tenure while at AT&T, from Project Manager to Business Development Manager, undoubtedly my favorite role was Director of Business Development within the Global Business Market which afforded me the opportunity of traveling extensively and learning how to develop and grow a business.

I feel blessed beyond measure to work with a team of incredibly creative women who work by my side to serve and highlight all women of color. Women who are not only focused on the wedding, but the love stories of women who define what love means to them, and what makes it special.

In one sentence, Black Bride is: a historical bridal hub where creative minds and beautiful imagery meet to provide modern, stylish bridal inspiration for planning the most romantic, important day of a woman’s life.

CK Alexander | Wedding Features Editor

Who she is: C.K. Alexander is a New York based Wedding and Lifestyle expert with a passion for writing and romance. She is the Wedding Features Editor of and Black Bride Magazine. This ambitious writer, born in Los Angeles and raised in New York, studied Journalism at Howard University in Washington D.C. and received her masters in Digital Media at Columbia University in New York.

In one sentence, Black Bride is: Black Bride is a platform that celebrates the beauty, elegance and grace of a woman who is on a journey deeply rooted in love, through beautiful imagery and thoughtful storytelling.

Mariea Cobb | Sales, Business Development Manager

Who she is: Mariea currently manages sales, and business development at Black Bride. She is also an accounting professional and Pastry Chef. Mariea graduated at the top of her culinary class, and has worked with a plethora of celebrities. She balances her life with spending time with family and baking her heart out.

In one sentence, Black Bride is: in support all women of diverse cultural backgrounds particularly dispelling the myth that African American women do not marry, marry well and stay married.

Danielle Willis | Social Media Specialist

Who she is: Danielle Willis is a communications and social media specialist with experience in higher education. Danielle is originally from College Park, Georgia. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University. She has a love and passion for social media, and uses those skills to enhance both personal and business brands. Danielle enjoys reading, fitness, and enjoying time with family and friends.

In one sentence, Black Bride is: a platform that provides the opportunity to share, socialize, and celebrate love and marriage, and the beauty in women of color.

Lovisa Woodson II | Beauty Contributor

Who she is: Lovisa is a long time Beauty Professional with a healthy obsession for all things bridal. She’s completely mesmerized by anything that glitters and glistens including a beautiful bride on her special day. Her passion for helping everyday women look and feel their absolute best continues to fuel a fulfilling career in the creative arts, from bridal makeup to fine glamour portraiture for women. Lovisa currently resides in Philadelphia, PA

In one sentence, Black Bride is: where you are free to explore and enjoy inspiration of all things bridal for beautiful brides who look like me and you.

A special thank you to our entire team and behind the scene Angels who’s names will remain anonymous.

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