Real Engagements

Real Engagements {Miami}: Cassandra & Orlando!

Cassandra and Orlando met the weekend of December 5, 2015. "I was in Atlanta graduating, receiving my doctorate degree, and celebrating with family and friends. One of my bridesmaids, Janaka aka “The Matchmaker”, surprised me by flying in that morning to attend my ceremony. That night, the crew and I decided to go to Whiskey Bar at the W Hotel Midtown. Janaka being friends with Orlando from college, noticed through social media that he was also in town celebrating. As Janaka walked into the lounge, Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Miami}: Cassandra & Orlando!

Real Engagements {Houston}: Christine & Timothy!

Christine and  Timothy met in November of  2015 at a semi annual event called “Family Dinner”, that brings like minded African American young professionals together for one purpose -- to fellowship and eat a delicious three course meal.  "I was really enjoying myself and getting acquainted with the other people at my table, when a young gentleman walks up to my table and asks if he could sit in an empty seat.  I said “Sure, of course” without any hesitation. Also, it did not hurt that Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Houston}: Christine & Timothy!

Real Proposals {Atlanta}: Irene & Steve!

Imagine exiting your flight to see your boyfriend and your closest friends and family waiting for you in the airport. Then imagine your boyfriend asking you to be his wife in front of a bustling airport crowd. That's exactly how Steve greeted Irene on a recent flight to Atlanta. The couple have been dating long distance for almost two years and are preparing to say " I do," this fall. Check out their beautiful surprise proposal, captured by the bride's sister Iris Mannings of Iris Mannings Photography! Bride: Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Proposals {Atlanta}: Irene & Steve!

Real Engagements {Virginia}: Kashara & Jessie!

Kashara and Jessie met in 2009 in high school and have been together ever since. Jessie was a senior and Kashara was a junior in high school. Like most young men, flirting came in the form of pestering. "Every day on my way to lunch break Jessie found the opportunity to trip me in the hallway as his was of flirting," recalled Kashara. "I decided to give him a chance after weeks of this and I am so glad I did." Check out their sultry outdoor engagement session, captured by Samira Rashid of SR Photography! Bride: Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Virginia}: Kashara & Jessie!

C.K.’s Countdown To “I Do”: Editor’s Edition {NYC Engagement Party}

Many of you may know me as the Senior Features Editor for Black Bride, but as of September 2016 I officially embraced my new favorite titles- fiancé and bride-to-be, when my boyfriend of three years, Jimmy Jean, asked me to be his wife. After years of sharing the beautiful love stories from couples all around the world, I finally have the opportunity to share my own! As I countdown to "I do," you guys get to join me on this crazy wedding planning journey. The transition from editor to bride has Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderC.K.’s Countdown To “I Do”: Editor’s Edition {NYC Engagement Party}

Real Engagements {Atlanta}: Larrisa & Jared!

Larrisa and Jared met at a mutual friend's birthday party in December 2014. After being introduced, they began the night on the dance floor. The DJ set the mood and the two danced with each other for hours. "After dancing up a sweat we decided to take a break. During this time we ended up on opposite ends of the room. About 45 minutes went by and somehow Larrisa found her way to where I was sitting so we started having a great conversation," recalled Jared. As the night was coming to a close, Jared Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Atlanta}: Larrisa & Jared!

Real Engagements {Ohio}: Nicole & Derek!

Nicole and Derek met during Valentine’s Day week 2014 at a “speed dating” networking event. Though they didn’t start dating right away, they kept popping up in each other’s Facebook feed. Later they realized that they had 19 mutual friends in common, and grew up in the same hometown. Their first date was April 5, 2014 and the two hit it off instantly and have been together ever since. Check out their chic engagement session, captured by Omari Souza of Jazzymae Photography. Bride: Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Ohio}: Nicole & Derek!

Real Engagements {Brooklyn}: Augusta & Casey!

When Augusta and Casey first met at a mutual friend's party, their conversation was very brief and the chances of these two perfect strangers seeing each other again seemed slim to none. "We said hello and that was all. We never saw each other again for another two years," said Augusta. In 2011, the same mutual friend hosted another party, and this time Augusta was determined to leave a lasting impression. "I walked into the venue and there he was. I made my way to him to say hello and the rest was Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Brooklyn}: Augusta & Casey!

Real Engagements {Florida}: Jasmine & Ameen!

For Jasmine and Ameen, finding love was equal parts divine intervention and being in alignment. "In 2008 I was connected to a big group of believers (Christians) in the Tampa Bay Area who go by the name H.G.A. (His Glory Alone) and Ameen and I became acquainted through our mutual connections within this group he is a part of," Jasmine said.  The couple have known each other for 8 years and recently celebrated their union this week. Check out their artsy engagement session, captured by Savannah Lauren Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Florida}: Jasmine & Ameen!

Real Engagements {Toronto}: Amena & Adetoro!

Amena and Adetoro met in 2012 at a rooftop party. "I recognized him from pictures through mutual friends and immediately thought he was cute," recalled Amena.  "At the party, I walked up to him to introduce myself. We chatted and went about our business, it wasn’t until 5 months later we started chatting through Facebook." Amena and Adetoro's conversations soon went beyond Facebook and eventually the two began dating and the rest is history! Check out their fun and flirty engagement session, captured Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Toronto}: Amena & Adetoro!

Real Engagements {Georgia}: Chelsa & Justin!

Justin and Chelsa met in March of 2011. Chelsa was working at FinshLine, a retail store that sells athletic shoes and apparel, and Justin was in the store shopping. Chelsa was not interested at the time. However, the two remained friends and gradually started talking and seeing more of each other. The couple began dating in November of 2011 and are planning their dream wedding next year. Check out their nature themed engagement session, captured by Andre Brown Photography. The Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Georgia}: Chelsa & Justin!

Real Engagements {Texas}: Kendrese & Jermey!

Kendrese and Jermey were familiar with one another through his sister that has been friends with Kendrese since the first grade. The couple officially started dating in February 2008, when Jermey was a senior and Kendrese was a junior in high school at Nacogdoches High School in Nacogdoches, TX.  The two spoke frequently during school, but neither expressed a romantic interest. Then one day, Jermey finally asked Kendrese for her number. "I played hard to get and said no. Of course Mr. Jones, the Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Texas}: Kendrese & Jermey!

Real Engagements {Little Rock}: Ajignè & Justin!

Justin and Ajignè met in May 2010. "We have been together for six years. We met at a mutual friend’s graduation party. We had been to several functions at the time, but somehow never managed to run into each other prior to that night," said Ajignè. The happy couple are planning a wedding this Spring. Check out their preppy engagement session, captured by SkyTouchE Photography Bride: Ajignè Harris, 28, Family Nurse Practitioner Groom: Justin Cleveland, 29, Low Voltage Technician Place Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Little Rock}: Ajignè & Justin!