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BB Wellness: Meal Prepping for Two with iAmHealthyFit!

From BB Guest Contributor Yenory Pouncil of iAmHealthyFit: I’ve been meal prepping for almost seven years. During the last three years, I’ve been meal prepping for my now husband and me. That translates to roughly 28 meals per week not including breakfast and snacks. Yes, that a whole lot of food. Before we get into how to, let’s talk about why you should meal prep. I first heard the term meal prep in 2011 when I moved back to the US, after spending a year in my native land of Honduras. Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderBB Wellness: Meal Prepping for Two with iAmHealthyFit!

Historic Women of the Black Beauty Industry

Hair! Hair! Hair! It’s what we know. It’s what we do. It’s what we love. The Black beauty industry (hair and makeup) is a BIG deal, from hair weaves to natural skincare products created at home. Today, we are afforded the luxury to look and feel fabulous with ease, affordability, and convenience. The ability to alter our hair texture, color, and style has become second nature to so many women of color. I’m certain it’s something that’s often taken for granted. While there’s social Read more [...]
Lovisa Woodson IIHistoric Women of the Black Beauty Industry

No Makeup: Trending Up?

There’s a shift happening among women that’s created quite the buzz lately. While it could potentially impact the foot traffic at your nearest cosmetics counter, I’m wondering if it is indeed a shift or just another fly-by-night trend. Over the past few years, the number of makeup tutorials have significantly increased right along with the amount of makeup women are wearing and the excessive steps it takes to apply the abundance of products. Personally, I’ve been waiting for a break from Read more [...]
Lovisa Woodson IINo Makeup: Trending Up?

Summer Beauty At The BET Awards

This year’s BET Awards will certainly be remembered with its empowering speeches and uplifting performances. While we all look forward to the great music and for our favorite artists to win, I’m always looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful women – their outfits, hair, and of course their makeup! I was pleasantly surprised to see more sisters showing their natural beauty with more subtle and classic beauty looks, all perfect for summer! As the weather heats up and we struggle Read more [...]
Lovisa Woodson IISummer Beauty At The BET Awards

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Spring Bride

Spring happens to be my favorite time of year! We have so much to look forward to, especially those of us living up north. I personally look forward to blooming flowers, green, pink and white trees – I adore cherry blossoms – and the unwavering promise of warmer weather. Perhaps one of my very favorite things to look forward to is bridal season because I get to meet so many beautiful women and witness beautiful brides celebrating one of the most important days of their lives. With this wonderful Read more [...]
Lovisa Woodson IIBridal Beauty for the DIY Spring Bride

Black Bride Fit Club: Top 5 Reasons to Try SoulCycle!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new series the Black Bride Fit Club, which is a new monthly series that features different health and fitness posts, from fun workouts to delicious healthy eats and even ways to find balance in your everyday life. We want to help you on your journey to getting fit and healthy for your big day and beyond. Here at Black Bride we believe that health and wellness is a huge part of feeling your best and living your best life, so join us here every month Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderBlack Bride Fit Club: Top 5 Reasons to Try SoulCycle!

After the Aisle: Stylish Fitness Apparel!

You hit the gym every day in preparation for your big day and you walked down the aisle fit and fine. But then came the reception, the cake and the fourth glass of wine. Next up was the honeymoon and the all-inclusive meal and beverage package that you indulged in from dusk to dawn. Then came the romantic dinner and dessert date nights followed by a busy life filled with large portions, love and laughter. But now it’s back to reality. Keeping that newlywed body in tip top shape is a must! And Read more [...]
Abbria McWhiteAfter the Aisle: Stylish Fitness Apparel!

After the Aisle: Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend Recap!

Oprah's Life You Want Weekend is more than an unprecedented eight-city arena tour, it's a transformational weekend that takes you on a journey to connecting with your deeper self. This past weekend Oprah and her team of trailblazers created an experience unlike anything I have ever experienced.  The weekend started at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ,  with "O Town,” a pop-up town square outside the arena filled with booths, lounges, live music, cooking demos, celebrity guests and photo Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderAfter the Aisle: Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend Recap!

NYC Giveaway: Slenderpress Detoxifying Treatment at the Antoinette Boudoir Spa!

Here at Black Bride we love trying and sharing new spa treatments. We've tried everything from icy facials to exotic pedicures. Just when we thought we've experienced it all, the Antoinette Boudoir Spa, a small vintage themed, NYC spa introduces an innovative detoxifying and fat burning spa treatment. Introducing the Slenderpress, an exclusive detoxifying treatment that boast of instant results with up to 2 to 3 pounds of weight loss in one 45 minute treatment. Through effective lymphatic drainage, Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderNYC Giveaway: Slenderpress Detoxifying Treatment at the Antoinette Boudoir Spa!

Beauty Routines Every Woman Should Ditch

This "Beauty Breakdown Tuesday" is all about bad beauty routines. Sometimes we do not realize that our most sacred beauty habits are in fact major beauty no no's.  The older I become I realize the crazy beauty routines I used to put my pore face and skin through were just all kinds of wrong. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Remember your skin and hair are living organisms that must be treated gently with care and a consistent regimes to get the best result for your healthiest glow. Do you Read more [...]
Shea ZephirBeauty Routines Every Woman Should Ditch

Start A Workout Regime – Sweat It Out Together!

Does the very thought of the gym make you cringe? Are you among the 70% of women trying to lose weight before your wedding? Are you looking for additional motivation to go to the gym? Here's an idea...ask your significant other to go with you! Women often assume the responsibility of helping their men eat better and pay close attention to their weight, exercise habits and doctors appointments. Asking your honey to accompany you to the gym, will knock out quite a few birds all at once: 1. Read more [...]
Thaisa JonesStart A Workout Regime – Sweat It Out Together!

No More Diets – Make a Lifestyle Change!

Happy New Year Everyone! The gyms are packed. Grocery stores have advertising's in the stores about fat-free and low-calorie foods and recipes. Fad diets are popping up in everyone's in-boxes and running throughout the social media news feeds. Vitamin stores and wellness websites are offering discounts and filtering information through websites like Groupon and LivingSocial. It's January. Millions of people made a New Year's resolution to lose weight, eat better, work out more frequently, or Read more [...]
Thaisa JonesNo More Diets – Make a Lifestyle Change!

Say “I Do” with a Healthy Mouth

Toothpaste and mouthwash commercials do an amazing job of making us think what we have in our medicine cabinets is sub-par. Advertisers have a way of repackaging the same ingredients and making us think someone has finally created the toothpaste that fights the crime in our mouth. Finally, a company has produced the toothpaste that eliminates bad breath forever, turns our teeth back to the pearly whites we had as children, and shields our teeth from cavities...for the rest of our lives! Unfortunately, Read more [...]
Thaisa JonesSay “I Do” with a Healthy Mouth

Groom’s Grooming Holiday Giveaway!

This holiday season, we wanted to show our grooms some love! has partnered with some amazing men's skin care lines to bring you a month long product giveaway! You'll get a chance to pamper the special man in your life by gifting him with some of the amazing products we featured in our "Groom's Grooming Guide."  Enter for your chance to win fabulous men's grooming products from four of our favorite brands all month long!! Each week you'll have an opportunity to win a new prize to Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderGroom’s Grooming Holiday Giveaway!

Groom’s Grooming Guide: The Best Grooming Products for Your Groom!

Everyone wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day- including the groom! With all the new products out there your guy can get lost in the men's grooming aisle for months! Not to worry, we've selected the perfect skin care solutions for every kind of groom.  Our top four favorite brands will get your honey in tip top shape to walk down the aisle with perfect, healthy, glowing  skin. Check out our selection of great men's grooming products and click here to find out how you can share Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderGroom’s Grooming Guide: The Best Grooming Products for Your Groom!