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Real Weddings {North Carolina}: Alicia & Julian!

Alicia and Julian both attended Elizabeth City State University, from 2008 to 2009, but didn't officially meet until 2012 after connecting on Facebook. "At ECSU, we saw each other in passing and somehow became Facebook friends. In early 2012, he sent me a Facebook message, we exchanged numbers went out on a date and we’ve been together since then," recalled Alicia. Check out their vibrant fall wedding, captured by Story and Rhythm. Bride: Alicia (Marrow) Lee; 26; Human Resources Analyst. Groom: Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Weddings {North Carolina}: Alicia & Julian!

Real Engagements {Miami}: Cassandra & Orlando!

Cassandra and Orlando met the weekend of December 5, 2015. "I was in Atlanta graduating, receiving my doctorate degree, and celebrating with family and friends. One of my bridesmaids, Janaka aka “The Matchmaker”, surprised me by flying in that morning to attend my ceremony. That night, the crew and I decided to go to Whiskey Bar at the W Hotel Midtown. Janaka being friends with Orlando from college, noticed through social media that he was also in town celebrating. As Janaka walked into the lounge, Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Miami}: Cassandra & Orlando!

Real Weddings {New Jersey}: Kathy & Andrew!

Kathy and Andrew met at Caldwell College in 2005, but didn't start dating until years later. "After two years of Andrew asking me to go on a date, I finally agreed and shortly after, we made it official. 4 years later, he asked me to marry him," recalled Kathy. Check out their rustic glam wedding, captured by Amy Anaiz Photography! Bride: Kathy Foster, 27, Accountant / Auditor Groom: Andrew Fraser, 29, Tax Accountant Place of Residence: Caldwell, NJ Wedding Date: 8/23/15 Wedding Location: Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Weddings {New Jersey}: Kathy & Andrew!

Real Weddings {Georgia}: Victoria & Jarrad!

Victoria and Jarrad met in high school at M.L.King Jr. High School in August 2005. "Jarrad was an incoming Freshman and I was a Sophomore. One morning while waiting for my girlfriends to arrive at school I was introduced to Jarrad through a mutual friend. Being the gentleman he is, he offered to carry my books to class for me. He did that for an entire semester and we developed a friendship. After high school, we went off to our respective colleges Jarrad (Georgia State), and I (University of West Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Weddings {Georgia}: Victoria & Jarrad!

Real Engagements {Houston}: Christine & Timothy!

Christine and  Timothy met in November of  2015 at a semi annual event called “Family Dinner”, that brings like minded African American young professionals together for one purpose -- to fellowship and eat a delicious three course meal.  "I was really enjoying myself and getting acquainted with the other people at my table, when a young gentleman walks up to my table and asks if he could sit in an empty seat.  I said “Sure, of course” without any hesitation. Also, it did not hurt that Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Houston}: Christine & Timothy!

The Ultimate Wedding Guide for Guys: Vol. 1

Alright fellas, this one is for you! Because no matter what the memes say, you are getting married and people DID come to see you! That handsome, tailored tux, that smile of sweet contentment watching the love of your life walk toward you in a promise of forever – you are the Groom; and Groom’s are awesome! You and your boys have been drinking whiskey and shooting hoops over this day for months. It will be a day that neither of you will ever forget! You need to remember it, and memorialize it. Read more [...]
Divai BrownThe Ultimate Wedding Guide for Guys: Vol. 1

Real Proposals {Atlanta}: Irene & Steve!

Imagine exiting your flight to see your boyfriend and your closest friends and family waiting for you in the airport. Then imagine your boyfriend asking you to be his wife in front of a bustling airport crowd. That's exactly how Steve greeted Irene on a recent flight to Atlanta. The couple have been dating long distance for almost two years and are preparing to say " I do," this fall. Check out their beautiful surprise proposal, captured by the bride's sister Iris Mannings of Iris Mannings Photography! Bride: Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Proposals {Atlanta}: Irene & Steve!

Real Weddings {New York}: Kenisha & David!

Kenisha and David love story begins with a bit of divine intervention. The couple met at church in 2006 and became friends. Shortly after,  David moved out of state to attend college and the two lost touch. Fortunately they were able to reconnect through social media. "One day he asked me to go boating in the park and I said yes. We were inseparable ever since," said Kenisha. Check out their royal New York wedding capture by Alex Kaplan Photography! Bride: Kenisha Doris, 26, Model/Actress and Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Weddings {New York}: Kenisha & David!

Real Weddings {Washington, D.C.}: Cortavia & Van!

In our Nation’s Capital, where titles and positions of power reign supreme, two loving souls found each other in the most casual environment. Cortavia and Van met for the first time on January 6, 2013 while watching football with friends at a local bar. That night, subtle glances and a modest exchange of social media handles generated a spark that would lay dormant for a year. Nearly a year after their initial meeting, Cortavia’s Twitter account was hacked and spam messages were sent to her Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Weddings {Washington, D.C.}: Cortavia & Van!

Chic Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas!

Winter weddings happen more rarely than summer ones, but are often some of the most distinctive and unique. If you’re planning your nuptials in the winter, one of the first things you’ll be doing is sending out save the dates. Since your guests will be getting them in the spring or summer, when winter is far from their minds, it’s important to take this opportunity to set the tone for your winter wedding and get them excited about your unique event. Our friends at Yonder Design, a luxury stationary Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderChic Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas!

Real Weddings {North Carolina}: Brandi & Tyler!

Brandi and Tyler's love story started with a simple click! The couple met online in 2014 and have been together for two years. "He was working in Canada at the time and I lived in North Carolina. An algorithm determined that we were 98% compatible and we decided that it was 100% accurate," said Brandi. Brandi and Tyler celebrated their union with a summer wedding in North Carolina, beautifully captured by Lauren Cowart Photography. Check out their special day below! Bride: Brandi Norris-Cochran, Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Weddings {North Carolina}: Brandi & Tyler!

Cocktail Corner: Champagne Fête

Hello Loves! Congratulations, we made it! We are mere days away from ushering in a brand new year, and have been favored to bid farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017. It is truly a blessing. And like all blessings, this occasion should be marked by something as unique and sweet as all of our hopes and dreams for the coming 12 months! Now, we here at Cocktail Corner never need an excuse to celebrate, and we are approaching the most celebratory day of the year. So it’s time to get to mixing, and Read more [...]
Divai BrownCocktail Corner: Champagne Fête

Journey to the Aisle: Ashley & Kenneth’s Atlanta Real Wedding!

I’m so grateful to Black Bride for allowing me to share my “Journey to the Aisle” with their loving and supportive community. As a wedding planner, I wanted to share my journey with brides to see the realness of planning a wedding and dealing with life’s circumstances along the way.  This is the final scene of my series and if you haven’t been along for the entire journey, start here and enjoy the ride. Weekly bank deposits and consistent declines to lunch invites turned in marriage Read more [...]
Ashley MillerJourney to the Aisle: Ashley & Kenneth’s Atlanta Real Wedding!

Real Engagements {Virginia}: Kashara & Jessie!

Kashara and Jessie met in 2009 in high school and have been together ever since. Jessie was a senior and Kashara was a junior in high school. Like most young men, flirting came in the form of pestering. "Every day on my way to lunch break Jessie found the opportunity to trip me in the hallway as his was of flirting," recalled Kashara. "I decided to give him a chance after weeks of this and I am so glad I did." Check out their sultry outdoor engagement session, captured by Samira Rashid of SR Photography! Bride: Read more [...]
C.K. AlexanderReal Engagements {Virginia}: Kashara & Jessie!