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5 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner

Just as it’s important to find the dress that feels like “the one”, finding the right planner for your wedding can make a huge difference in how you will feel during your planning experience and on your wedding day. But that doesn’t mean it should be difficult. Armed with the right set of questions, you will find the perfect planner in no time. To help us figure out the best questions to ask, we got help from Sandy Hammer, the co-founder AllSeated, a FREE wedding planning tool for couples and industry pros.

Here are 5 crucial questions to determine if the planner is the right one for you:

Communication is key: What is the best form of contact?

It's important to ensure that the lines of communication are open between you and your planner as well as how they like to communicate. Will you be speaking mostly by phone? Do they prefer email? Is text an option? Will you have in person meetings and if so, how many?

Payment and services: What does your rate include?

Before you assume that you can call your planner a hundred times, you will want to find out if there's a flat rate fee for their services or they will be billing you by the phone call or by the hour. Expect that the most common ways that planners charge are by flat fee, by percentage of the total wedding budget or by the hour.

Vendor selection: Will you help with vendor selection?

Will the planner help you to select your vendors? Do they provide recommendations, schedule the appointments for you and attend the meetings? If you start working with your planner at the beginning of your planning process, the planner is completely involved with every vendor. They will make recommendations, set up meetings and help you to build your vendor team. If you hire your planner later in your planning process and have already contracted your vendors, your planner's role may vary. Having a planner's help in the vendor selection process can prove invaluable. They know what to look for in contracts, how to help you negotiate and can also read between lines to ensure that what they promise can be delivered and set up.

Floorplan: Will you help with floorplan and seating arrangements?

Does the planner use a platform like AllSeated to plan out the guest list, floorplan and seating arrangements? Will they assist you in the layout and help you figure out where your guests will be seated? You can expect that most planners will guide you through the design and layout of your floorplan and will advise you on seating arrangement dynamics.

Planner's role: What will be your role be during the planning process and on the day of the wedding.

Besides their role during the planning process, you will want to ask the planner what you should expect from them on the day of your wedding. Typically, your planner will be there to trouble shoot any issues that may arise. But ask them what their day-of role entails and if you will be working solely with them or will there be other planners or assistants involved.

Let us know if you have any additional questions that we should add to the list in the comments below.

C.K. Alexander

C.K. Alexander, is the Wedding Features Editor for BlackBride.com and Black Bride Magazine. C.K. is also a wedding and lifestyle expert and the creator of the Single Bride Blog. She is also the owner and founder of Love Ink, a special occasion writing and coaching company, and Brownstone Bridal, an online shop for custom wedding accessories. Keep up with C.K. on Twitter here: @Love_Ink

C.K. Alexander5 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner

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