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Bridal Beauty for the DIY Spring Bride

Spring happens to be my favorite time of year! We have so much to look forward to, especially those of us living up north. I personally look forward to blooming flowers, green, pink and white trees – I adore cherry blossoms – and the unwavering promise of warmer weather. Perhaps one of my very favorite things to look forward to is bridal season because I get to meet so many beautiful women and witness beautiful brides celebrating one of the most important days of their lives.

With this wonderful day being so important and perhaps long awaited, we want to make sure you look flawless with makeup that lasts through the rain, humidity, and sweat and tears. If you’ve hired a professional makeup artist for your wedding you should be in good hands. However, I understand that some brides for one reason or another may prefer to do their own makeup. With that in mind, today I’m going to share advice about Bridal Beauty for the DIY Spring Bride.


I recommend brides getting a jump start on their flawless skin about 2 month before the big day. This includes drinking plenty of water to stay properly hydrated and following a skin care regimen. While I recommend professional product lines for their proven results and plethora of products geared toward specific skin care needs, you can find some great products in the cosmetics section of Target. Just be sure you are cleansing your face morning and night, toning to help balance your skin, and moisturizing at the least. A treatment for to address any skin concerns such as blemishes or dryness is a plus.

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Bride



You may have notice some photos where either yourself or someone you know – maybe your favorite celebrity – have a light, pale, or whitish cast to their skin. This is because sunscreen does not photograph well. This means when you are choosing a foundation be sure it doesn’t include SPF! I learned this little tip from a photographer. She learned it in school. Unfortunately, this is a little known fact among makeup artists who very frequently choose a foundation based on its finish and staying power, often seeing the added sun protection as a bonus. Skip the sunscreen. Spread the word!


Primers may seem unnecessary and pretty much irrelevant as they tend to be invisible, but I promise you this is a step you don’t want to skip. Primers are available for all the important areas including the face, eyes, and lips, and also your lashes. At the very least you want to be sure you are using a facial primer as it will ensure your foundation goes on smoothly, help minimize fine lines and wrinkles and also help your makeup wear longer. Your eye primer will help your eyeshadow show more vibrantly and last throughout the day. Waterproof eye primers ensure your makeup lasts even after the tears.

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Bride



If you are one of those rare gals who can apply her own lashes with ease, go for it! I recommend lashes that have a more natural look and won’t be distracting. But if you’re like me (don’t judge me), you’ll want to layer on that mascara like it’s going out of stock! I hope I don’t have to remind you to make it waterproof. If you feel mascara alone won’t be enough opt for the half lashes that apply to the outer corner or have individuals professionally applied ahead of time. When all else fails…pile on the (waterproof) mascara!


I love gel liners because they are typically easy to apply, even for the novice and you can get some pretty amazing results with the right one. With that said, beware, not all gel liners are created equal so don’t be fooled. I’ve tried a few brands and my favorite remains MAC’s Fluid Line. Why? Because it doesn’t budge! It’s a must have for brides who need makeup that will stay put. If you have fair skin and would like a softer look that black go for a dark brown such as their Dipdown.

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Bride



Finding the right eyeshadow palette for bridal makeup has certainly become easier. It may be as simple as checking out what your favorite cosmetics brand has to offer. I recommend a palette because it will help you move faster because everything is in one place – it’s simply a no-brainer. An eyeshadow palette will have all the colors you need to complete your look and it will also save you a significant amount of money as opposed to purchasing a number of individual palettes.

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Bride



Many bronzers and blushes have some sort of sparkle to it. It looks beautiful, can help to highlight your skin, give you a radiant glow, but wait! It can also make you look too shiny or even sweaty in your wedding photos. Minimize the sparkle, they don’t always photograph well. Go for a matte bronzer and blush. If you want a bit of a sparkle limit it to just above your cheekbone to give you a sun kissed look. If you have darker skin tones heavy, sparkly bronzer on the face is a huge no-no. Depending on what color you choose this can actually make you look much lighter in your photos. When in doubt go for matte.


Finishing or setting sprays in my opinion are quite underrated. It is a must, especially if you’re using powder foundation. Different setting sprays have different effects but typically, they’ll help to hydrate your skin, give you a dewy finish, or help minimize oily skin and shine. When it’s all said and done, these finishing sprays are a must to help your makeup stay in place and last longer no matter what your skin type.

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Bride



No matter what products you use or decide to ditch, the tools you use to apply them make all the difference. This is certainly something I recommend you invest in to help with a flawless makeup application. Opt for brushes instead of sponge applicators for your eye makeup. Use a foundation brush or beauty blender to apply liquid makeup. If you are unsure of where to begin, purchase a set that has all of the essentials or seek help from a local beauty adviser.

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Bride



There are quite a bit of longwear lip products to choose from including lipsticks, stains and sealers. These products don’t always wear well for everyone. Don’t forget to try the product on before your wedding day so you know it works. Your other option is to carry your products with you so you are able to retouch your lips as needed. Be sure to use your lip primer, lip liner, and lip color (lipstick, stain, gloss etc.). All these products should work together to add to the staying power. A gloss or lipstick along is not enough.

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Bride



Remember, this is your wedding day. Be sure you are giving yourself enough time to practice your makeup application and the desired final look you’re trying to achieve. Whatever look that may be, remember it’s your wedding day and don’t overdo it. Your makeup look should match with your wedding theme, gown, as well as the time of day/evening. You want to be comfortable and you want to feel beautiful eliciting all the right stares.

Bridal Beauty for the DIY Bride

Photographer: Lawrence Lowe; Makeup Artist, iPro Makeup, Hairstylist, Bryan Campbell, Model, Cecily Ridgeway; Wardrobe; The Sample Rack - Philadelphia, PA

What about your wedding day makeup? Are you a DIY bride? Join the conversation! Share your comments below or on social media @blackbride1998.

Lovisa Woodson II

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Lovisa Woodson IIBridal Beauty for the DIY Spring Bride

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