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Real Weddings {Atlanta}: Alexandra & Tom!


Alexandra and Tom knew of each other for about a year before they actually met in 2008.  The two met in 2008 at a Best Buy regional training conference at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta . At the time, Alexandra was working as a marketing representative, and Tom was working as a supervisor for Best Buy. Alexandra ended up training Tom during the conference and the rest is history! Check out their special day captured by the Janet Howard Studio.

Bride: Alexandra Jean-Jacques, Marketing Manager

Groom: Tom Hart, Project Manager

Place of residence: Atlanta, Georgia

Wedding date: 4/25/14

Wedding location: Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Wedding theme:  Classic elegance with a twist of fun

Honeymoon Destination: Aruba

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0001_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0034_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0037_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0104_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0124_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0129_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0139_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0150_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0175_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0179_low

Engagement story:

Tom proposed on our 4-year anniversary in a wonderfully expected way. Savannah, Georgia is a special city for us, because it is where we took our first vacation together as a couple.  So, we decided to celebrate our anniversary there.  After getting into town late Friday evening, we decided to grab dinner at one of our favorite Savannah restaurants.  During dinner, Tom kept leaving the table to take phone calls outside.  I thought that this was a bit odd…especially on our anniversary!  I soon discovered the reason for his odd behavior.  After dinner we returned to our hotel room.  As soon as I opened the door, I heard someone singing ‘our song’ (Point of it All, Anthony Hamilton).  Tom had flown in his brother and his brother’s friend (both trained vocalists) to serenade me.  During the song, Tom proposed.  It was such a beautiful and magical moment!

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0194_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0203_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0204_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0212_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0219_low

From the Groom:

I was so incredibly happy to be marrying my best friend.  I remember just wanting to celebrate with our loved ones; so, I was really looking forward to the reception.  I danced and partied more than I had in a long time.  It was an awesome night.

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0526_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0546_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0542_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0536_low   JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0530_lowJeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0228_low

Favorite wedding detail:

My favorite wedding detail has to be the artist that we hired to do a live painting of our wedding ceremony.  Seeing the artist in action was an amazing experience for our guests, and having the finished product hanging in our home has been a beautiful wedding keepsake for us.  The painting is a daily reminder of how special our wedding day was.

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0286_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0313_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0352_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0353_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0367_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0380_low

The couple's most memorable moment:

My best and most memorable moment was the moment that I first saw Tom as I was walking down the aisle.  I was pretty nervous prior to the ceremony.  I don’t typically like to be the center of attention; so, I was a little bit apprehensive about walking down the aisle and having ‘all eyes on me’.  I remember walking down the long stair case in the venue with my father with my eyes focused downward (I didn’t want to trip on the stairs!).  But, the moment that I raised my head I look straight at Tom, and we locked eyes.  I could see tears welling in his eyes and I just lost it.  I began to cry as well…tears of happiness of course.  I didn’t take my eyes off of him the entire way down the aisle.  That moment was absolutely perfect.

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0566_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0570_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0571_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0572_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0574_low    JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0586_low


We provided miniature bottles of our favorite sparkling (Rosa Regale) wine for guests. We shared our first bottle of Rosa Regale at dinner when Tom asked me to ‘officially be his girlfriend’ back in 2008.  Ever since then, it’s been very special to us, and we wanted to share this with our guests.

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0578_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0593_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0596_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0600_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0611_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0615_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0618_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0619_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0622_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0624_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0628_low   JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0638_low

From the Bride:

I was extremely happy and excited on my wedding day, and I tried to be as relaxed as possible.  Wedding planning is fun, but it can also be very stressful.  So, I promised myself that I would forget any prior stress and enjoy the day that I worked so hard to plan.  And, I did just that!  It was such an amazing experience to have all of my loved ones in one place. I felt truly blessed.

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0681_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0662_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0668_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0674_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0675_low   JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0693_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0776_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0765_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0699_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0700_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0703_low

What makes your love special?

Tom is very laid back, which is a great balance for me…because I can be high-strung at times.  He is family-oriented, smart, and I think that he’s hilarious!  He is also very good with children; one of our friends affectionately refers to him as “the baby whisperer”.  So, I look forward to building a family with him as my husband.

Alex may seem shy and quiet at first, but she has an extremely vibrant personality.  Also, I love the fact that she is very open-minded, intelligent, and culturally aware.  Her creativity inspires me, and her quirky sense of humor keeps me laughing.  She’s truly beautiful…inside and out.

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0724_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0729_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0736_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0762_low

Wedding song:

John Legend, “All of Me”.  The song had just come out around the time of our wedding, and we both really liked it.

JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0779_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0783_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0798_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0844_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0881_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0905_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0947_lowJeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0679_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0951_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart0995_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart1030_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart1069_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart1072_low  JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart1154_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart1194_low JeanJacques_Hart_Janet_Howard_Studio_Hart06991_low

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?  

Starting a family!

Advice for a Bride and Groom on their wedding day:

Really enjoy the day.  Everyone is right when they tell you that it goes by quickly.  Something is bound to go wrong on your wedding day, but try not to let minor details bother you.  Focus on one another, celebrating your love, and creating a lifelong memories.

Congratulations to newlyweds Alexandra and Tom! We wish you many more years of wedded bliss!


Photographer: Janet Howard Studio

Ceremony and reception location:

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Bridal gown: Winne Couture Bridal

Bridal party attire: Brides by Demetrios

Groom’s tux: Savvi Formalwear

Cake: Sweet Sensations

Caterer: Talk of the Town Catering

Wedding planners: Yolanda Lewis, YunikDesign

Music: Chris Whitehead, Atlanta DJ Online

Hair:  Bree Robinson

Make-up: Make-up By Ren

Flowers: Chelsea Floral Designs

Stationery: Papered Wonders

Ceremony Artist (painter)—Nancy Shippen

Furniture Rental: We Rent Atlanta

Table linens: I Do Linens

Black Wine Goblets: Classic Party Rentals

Bar Service: Lyght House Cocktails

Aisle Runner: Original Runner Co.

Drapery: Event Drapery

String Trio: Camerata Quartet

Magazine Wedding Programs: Twenty Pages

Exit Car: Classy Car Limousine

Cartoonist: Guy Staats

Videographer: Chris Brock

-3Curated by our Wedding Features Editor, C.K. Alexander. C.K. is the owner and founder of  Love Ink and Brownstone Bridal. Keep up with C.K. on Twitter here: @Love_Ink



C.K. Alexander

C.K. Alexander, is the Wedding Features Editor for BlackBride.com and Black Bride Magazine. C.K. is also a wedding and lifestyle expert and the creator of the Single Bride Blog. She is also the owner and founder of Love Ink, a special occasion writing and coaching company, and Brownstone Bridal, an online shop for custom wedding accessories. Keep up with C.K. on Twitter here: @Love_Ink

C.K. AlexanderReal Weddings {Atlanta}: Alexandra & Tom!

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