How to Live Your New Life Together....Happily Ever After

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We want to be there for couples long after they say “I Do.”  In addition to being the number one online resource for brides of color for wedding planning since 1998, we are also a place where brides and grooms can come back to for years to come after the aisle.

Couples will find tips on finance, romance, decorating ideas, and more! Current health and fitness tips, home buying tips, home interior design tips, financial education, parenting tips, and access to relationship advise for all of the transitions from being single to now forming a lasting union. Expert advise for, blended families and tips for keeping the honeymoon alive for years to come after the “I Do’s”.

Now that the wedding is over and you begin your new life together, our writers can help you keep the love you have growing stronger with tips for everyday living. You'll find it all here on Black Bride!    


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