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real-engagementsYour journey begins from the moment he pops the question and you say those magic words, "I do". Read and be inspired by these wonderful love stories. Share your real engagement with us and you could see your love story here.

Its real-weddingsthe day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl. All the planning and preparation paid off. Your wedding was the most unforgettable moment of your life. Share your story here and let the magic of the day live on forever.

share-your-storyWe look forward to receiving your submissions! This includes your engagement, wedding, and honeymoon stories and pictures. We would also love to see your styled photo shoots, fabulous tablescapes, and anything else related to your wedding.

BB Style: How to Wear Florals for Spring!

Spring has sprung and as you are planning to attend events, weddings or a weekend getaway with your husband, you will need a great dress or two to make sure you’re looking FAB! That being said, florals are a must-have for Spring. No matter the silhouette florals are a chic and playful way to be dressed up […]

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Confessions of a Newlywed: The One Thing You NEED As a Newlywed

My husband and I are kind of weird, and I mean weird in a good way. Often times when we road trip, we don’t have any music playing. Now, that is not that far out there, but hang on I’m going somewhere with this. Ultimately, what that does is create an atmosphere for conversation. If […]

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Real Weddings {Houston}: Nkechi & Sanfa!

Nkechi and Sanfa met through her brother-in-law in 2012. “I had been visiting my sister in Houston from Boston every holiday since I began grad school in 2012, and one particular visit my brother-in-law introduced me to someone he thought would be a great match for me. I was busy that day but we had […]

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Real Engagements {Atlanta}: Jennifer & Greg!

Jennifer and Greg’s love story took 6 years to come to fruition, but it was so worth the wait once they finally connected and found love. “I worked with Greg’s best friend Maurice at a Pharma company in 2006. Every Monday, he would come to my office to give the “deets” on his crazy weekend. […]

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Spring 2015 Bridal Trends

Spring 2015 Bridal Trends are all about taking the traditional wedding dress and turing it on its head… LITERALLY. We have been seeing soft ball gowns with tulle skirts, open shoulder necklines and a ton of color! We have complied some of the best looks from the runway for a Spring 2015 Bridal trends report just […]

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Real Weddings {Memphis}: Shy’i & Johnny!

Shy’i and Johnny’s love story began on February 12, 2010 with an unexpected first encounter on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. “My friends and I from graduate school decided to go on a road trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras since neither of us had been. We finally arrived and got settled in our […]

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Real Weddings {United Kingdom}: Amanda & Yemi!

Amanda and Yemi met through mutual friends. The two were introduced by Yemi’s cousin and Amanda’s friend Francesca. “One Sunday morning in June 2014 my sister and I were getting ready for church when she told me that Francesca wanted to set me up with her cousin. She showed me photos and although I thought […]

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Real Engagements {New Orleans}: Kendacey & Willie!

Kendacey and Willie met their sophomore year at the University of Oklahoma through a mutual friend, who is now also a bridesmaid in their wedding. “She talked a lot about her boyfriend’s roommate and how I really needed to meet him. At the time I only knew of him but didn’t know much about him. […]

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Fashion Forward Wedding Guest Attire for Spring!

 It’s that time of year again, when two become one, family circles are enlarged and we all come together to celebrate love. What is that you may ask? It’s wedding season of course! Soon all your weekends will be filled with bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, fittings and wedding day nuptials. But there is one thing […]

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Real Weddings {Houston}: Diedre & Wyndell!

Deidre and Wyndell’s love story began at a local nightclub in the year 2010, where they danced into each others hearts and have been together ever since. “I always thought that was funny because I never imagined I would meet my husband at a nightclub! He actually approached me and a few of my girlfriends […]

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Real Engagements {Lousiana}: Melanie & Lance!

Although Melanie and Lance both attended high schools in the same city, their paths didn’t cross until July 4th, 2011 at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, LA. The two have been together ever since and will be celebrating their union with a “Bohemian Romance” themed wedding at Miramar Beach in Destin, FL. Check […]

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After the Aisle: Romantic Gestures All Married Women Love

  Image via As a newlywed I love for my husband to show me a little extra affection every now and then! And even though your husband may not be “Prince Charming” everyday, it’s great if he is every once in awhile. I love to receive a bouquet of flowers for no reason, it shows me that […]

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Real Engagements {Houston}: Michelle & Robert!

Michelle and Robert met through mutual friends (his best man Maurice and her maid of honor Nicole) during 2011. “I was living in Houston at the time and working on my Master’s degree and I came to Atlanta for the weekend to visit my friends. I had a great weekend and on my last night […]

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