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real-engagementsYour journey begins from the moment he pops the question and you say those magic words, “I do”. Read and be inspired by these wonderful love stories. Share your real engagement with us and you could see your love story here.

Its real-weddingsthe day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl. All the planning and preparation paid off. Your wedding was the most unforgettable moment of your life. Share your story here and let the magic of the day live on forever.

share-your-storyWe look forward to receiving your submissions! This includes your engagement, wedding, and honeymoon stories and pictures. We would also love to see your styled photo shoots, fabulous tablescapes, and anything else related to your wedding.

5 Looks From the AMA’s That Take You From the Red Carpet to the Aisle!

Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere. But the red carpet is definitely a fashion stimulus! A lot of what we wear on a daily basis is a toned down version of high fashion and red carpet looks. So it is only natural that the red carpet influences the couture that is related to the wedding […]

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Holiday Recipes From The Kitchen Decoded Cook Book!

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to get cooking with and for the ones you love! Finding the perfect holiday recipe that everyone will love can be a headache. We have the perfect cookbook that is great for couples and family gatherings. Kitchen Decoded: Tools, Tricks, and Recipes for Great Food, by […]

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How to Make Your Winter Wedding Dream Come True!

Source: Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling — and for you, wedding bells are ringing! Here are our tips to make your winter wedding dreams come true. Weddings aren’t just spring and summer affairs these days. More and more couples are opting to marry during what used to be the “off season” for nuptials, […]

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Pro’s and Con’s to Renting Your Wedding Gown!

Did you know that you can rent a wedding dress? Well, if you didn’t know now you know. Renting your gown is slowly becoming a go to option for brides everywhere. However, there are hefty pro’s and con’s to this option. Keep reading to find out if renting your wedding dress can work for you. […]

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Real Weddings {Maryland}: Katrice & Andrae!

Andrae and Katrice met in middle school in the mid 90’s! The schoolmates attended Hart Middle School together for a short period of time until Andrae transferred and went to a different school. The short time they knew each other in middle school left an impression on the both of them because they never forgot […]

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Vendor Spotlight: Jon’ll Boyd of Completely Yours Events

Name: Completely Yours Events – Jon’ll Boyd How long have you been in the industry? Completely Yours Events has been open for 3 years with 11 years of industry experience from the Owner, Jon’ll Boyd. Industry:  Completely Yours Events Location: Alexandria, VA Specialty: Event Planning and Design     1.   Tell us a little bit about yourself and […]

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Real Weddings {Niagra Falls & New York}: Naila & Royce!

Naila and Royce met at Nalia’s apartment complex, where they literally bumped into each other. “We bumped into each other at my apartment complex while he was visiting one of his fraternity brothers. We never exchanged numbers just shared a quick hello. Two years later on October 21, 2011 we ran into one another again […]

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Real Weddings {Pennsylvania}: Brittini & Brian!

Brittini and Brian have a hard time trying remember their lives without each other being around, as they have known each other for most of their lives. “Our history goes back to preschool (1989) where we were classmates and again at Schenley High School in Pittsburgh, PA where we found each other again in the […]

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5 Bridal Gown Shopping Rules Every Bride Must Know !

  Budgets are in place for a reason. Stepping outside of your budget and trying on dresses that are too expensive will only lead to a depressing and frustrating experience. Dresses that cost more have better fabrics, cuts, embellishments etc. Because of this, it is easy to fall in love with a dress that is […]

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Bride Chat: What To Do After You Get Engaged!

Source : It is the season for engagements and he finally popped the question, you said yes, and the engagement ring has been perfectly placed on your finger. Now what to do after you get engaged?? These 12 things will help you figure out what to do first—and how to enjoy every second of […]

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Hot Blooms: 2015 Floral Trends by Keishas Kreations!

There are many options to think about when planning a wedding. However, one of the most important aspects can be the wedding flowers.  Every detail that is incorporated should have a personalized look and feel throughout the entire event. A bride’s color palette and the look and feel of the reception space is where we […]

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After the Aisle: Holiday Party Dressing!

Kate Spade Holiday 2010 The season of celebration is upon us once again, and the invitations are piling up. But when the occasion can vary from a family brunch to a swanky New Year’s Eve bash, a one-size-fits-all approach to dressing is a no-go. Fortunately, we have found the top trends in Holiday Party Dressing, […]

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After the Aisle: Stylish Fitness Apparel!

You hit the gym every day in preparation for your big day and you walked down the aisle fit and fine. But then came the reception, the cake and the fourth glass of wine. Next up was the honeymoon and the all-inclusive meal and beverage package that you indulged in from dusk to dawn. Then came […]

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Real Engagements {Atlanta}: Altimese & Christopher!

Altimese and Chris met through the wedding of mutual friends; she was a bridesmaid and Chris was the groomsmen that escorted her during the wedding. “At 14 years old, my dear friend Shelita and I pinky-sweared during a church service that we would be in each others weddings one day. 10 years later, Shelita said […]

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Real Love + Life {Ohio}: Tamika & Cory!

Husband: Cory Thomas, 35, Commercial Lending Analyst- PNC Bank Wife: Tamika M. Thomas, 29, Brokerage Services- PNC Investments Place of residence: University Heights, OH       Wedding date: 4/27/13 Honeymoon Destination: Atlantis-Paradise Island, Bahamas “Love is not something you go out and look for. Love finds you and when it does, ready or not, it’ll be the […]

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